Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Event

On 29/3/2011, I've completed my first official photographer for a wedding event.

My hands are tired, whole body wanna collapse. Didn't know covering an event is this difficult but it is fun seeing a beautiful and lovely couple celebrating their once in a lifetime event :)

Pictures will be posted once filtered and processed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

Last weekend on 19/03/2011, there was this Hot Air Balloon event held at Putrajaya. 

It was a rainy day but thankfully, it stops in the evening and most of the balloons did managed to fly up.

Trip to Beaches

Here I am, back from another powderful trip with a little bit of luck on my side.

On 10/3/2011, a group of 6 embarked on a journey to Pulau Perhentian. It was nominated as one of the Top 5 beaches in the world according to an article which I read at the Kota Bharu Jetty.

The boat sailing to that island wasn't a pretty easy ride. 2 of the 6 went for the early flight hence they reached earlier than us. And they get to ride the resort's own private boat. Four of us that reached later have to settled with a speedboat. For the whole 45 minutes, we were sailing against the wave and almost every waves, we can feel the boat was up in the air and fall down *BANG!* hit the sea surface.

All these big waves are still effects from the monsoon that just ended recently. And we didn't knew that. Bad for us indeed. But nonetheless, we arrived at the island safely and had a welcome drinks from the BuBu Long Beach Resort.

Day 1 - We didn't had much of activities as we arrived pretty late and only managed to enjoy the sea waves and the sandy beach :)

Enjoying sun tanning

Kid running from the waves

Lovely couple enjoying their walk along the beach

Day 2 - We went to snorkeling and did not bring DSLR as it wasn't a good resistance to water elements. But we do managed to snap big waves during our Sunset Discovery.

Divers getting ready to dive

Water volleyball, anyone?


Enjoying the strong wind

Waves that hit the rock

The power of the waves

The two "soh lou"
Day 3 - It was our last day. So early in the morning, we got up and went for breakfast. Then, we packed our stuffs and get ready to get back to reality which is KL

The Gang

Panorama from the top of the hill
Overall, it was an adventurous trip for us even with all those waves and also the Tsunami alert.

Yes, our island was alerted by the authority that it might be hit by the Tsunami waves but luckily it went to the other side of the world instead.

P/S : My condolences to the lost lives from the earthquake and tsunami tragedy. And btw, me and my dear celebrated our 4 years and 2 months at there :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Few weeks back, we photogs had gathering at KL Bird Park.

It was a fantastic outing to capture fast movement object. Not to mention all the surrounding poisons of L lens =/

Here are some of the bird shots I took. All photos are shot using Canon 60D + 18-135mm
Corn eating bird



Red eyed bird



Corn eating bird

Black swan


Bird in bicycle

Welcoming message

Bird Race

Parrot Car

Flying Eagle

Recycle birdieee