Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday :)

It was my birthday few days back on 26/10/2012.

This time it was two days celebration according to my babe. 
Didn't bother to ask much since it is my birthday anyway.

Didn't I expect that my coursemate was actually there to celebrate with me. It was very surprise indeed :)
They are truly a wonderful people that been through with me for the past almost 3 years.

Me, my babe and my coursemate


Southwestern Grilled Lamb
After the wonderful dinner, we headed to Movida for second round :)

On the 26th itself, my birthday was much better than before as I had a small celebration in the afternoon :)

For dinner, my babe took me to Cocotei which of course, a Japanese restaurant.

The food at there was amazing! Every sushi is very fresh. 
Too bad I lost my 60D else the food picture would look nicer though :(

The crazy us camwhore before leaving the place :)

Thanks babe for the dinner and I love it!
Definite worth coming back for a second time.

Really thank you to everyone that make my birthday better!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

SGP Glas.t Tempered Glass

On the month of October, Machines had it's clearance sales for few brands.

SGP was one of it so I decided to take a look. 
Guess what, SGP Glas.t tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 4/4S is on 50% discount price so I grabbed 5 units.

Had my first installation using that glass and the outcome wasn't really satisfying.
The glue was too sensitive that you do not need to press to make the glue spread.
It will spread the moment you place the glass on your iPhone.
However, the oleophobic coating is much better and clearer than my USG glass which I reviewed earlier.
And SGP does include few accessories such as home button sticker and alcohol swab.