Monday, June 25, 2012

USG Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Today, I'll be doing a review on a screen protector (SP)
It's not any ordinary SP. It's a tempered glass screen protector.
Yes, I said it. A screen protector made of tempered glass :)
The current available brands for the mentioned SP are SGP Glas.T, xGlas, and USG.
Orange is the normal SP and the black is USG tempered glass SP
The installation for the SP was easier than the normal one. It was a one time installation with minimal fixing required. Anyone can do the installation as long the steps followed are correct.

The SP are anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-dust, bubble free silicone, oil resistance coating. It's a complete package for a SP. The thickness of the SP is 0.55mm.

1) Ensure there is absolute minimal dust when the installation starts. This is to prevent any dust sticking to the SP or the phone. It is best to do it in a steamy bathroom. If there are dust, just use cello tape to remove it.

2) Align the SP onto the phone. I would highly advise that the user stick a home button sticker as it will be very helpful during the aligning. 

3) Once it is align, use your thumb and press at the middle of the SP and watch how it spreads. Like I said, it is one time installation and does not need any fixing.

4) Once it is done, use the microfiber cloth and remove any stain.

After installation

After installation
As you can see, the SP align nicely with my case as the case does not cover the side of the screen. 
It feels much secure than using an aluminium bumper.

The one I bought only available at Bangkok. Alternatively, local users can buy SGP or xGlas :)

I would highly recommend any users to get the tempered glass SP.

UPDATE: It's been 2 months 10 days since I posted this and yet the glass is still intact with my phone. It is a very durable yet affordable tempered glass for your iPhone!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marware DoubleTake

Well, the title says it all.

Managed to bought a case thru my friend for my 4S for Rm30 at Machines clearance sale. SRP for this case was USD24.99.
What can I say, it is a steal!

Here's my review on the case.
After using it for 7 hours, the grip is way nicer than Deff Cleave. It doesn't slip off from my hand. It fits nicely onto the phone. Most importantly, it doesn't collect dust and have a big gap for the headphone/earphone jack.

It was made of soft rubber and hard polycarbonate thus providing better protection on the phone from any angle.
The only problem I had is to remove the phone from the case. It fits very nicely that I need to used slight force to take the phone out. However, it should not be a big issue since I don't remove the phone too often.

I would give this case a 4.5/5 stars and it is definitely recommended to iPhone users.

From top

From side

From back