Monday, January 24, 2011

1461 days Anniversary

It was our 4 years anniversary on 10/01/2011.
It wasn't easy to reach this long period as we endure lots of ups and downs.
Nonetheless, baby I love you and Happy 4th Anniversary =)

Here we are celebrating our big day at Hard Rock Cafe, KL.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Official Photoshoot ♥

On the 6th January 2011, me and my babe went to our photoshoot at Eminent France Taipei. Finally we went after almost 3 years dragging it since 2008.

At first we should do the outdoor followed by indoor. But due to the wet weather, we have to switched it. It was fun to experience all these moment of changing clothes, make-up and hairdo. Plus, I managed to gained some few tips of taking portraits picture. 

Overall, the whole session is amazing. Including the sunset and also friendly photographer =)

Penang Invasion

Just 3 hours after the fireworks, we decided to invade Penang for 4D3N. We are so flexible. Lol.

Day 1 - We stopped at Taiping as my friend, Shaun have to send some things there.
We stopped by the Taiping Lake Garden for some photoshoot.

After that, we found this swimming in the lake!!

Later, we head straight to Penang and first thing is we went to find some famous local food *yummy*

Day 2 - Woke up and check out from hotel. Went to find local breakfast delicacies. Then went to Queensbay Mall for some shopping. And we guys kinda regretted going there as we actually spend money inside the mall!
Later, we met up with Shaun's friends for dinner and also midnight drinking =)

Day 3 - Woke up quite late. Headed to Indian mamak for some nasi kandar and then to cendol/asam laksa which is few blocks away from the mamak. After that, headed to Ming Xiang Tai for tau fu fah/siew pao and other chinese biscuit. We went to Batu Feringgi for beaches, dinner and also another midnight drinking.

Day 4 - Last day at Penang. We first stop at Thai/Burma Buddhist Temple. Then we went back to our hotel nearby for some prawn mee*slurp* and tau fu fah again!! Later we went Kek Lok Si before we return back to KL. But we overshoot the turning and we went to Air Itam Dam instead. Lol. The scenery was amazing to look at and also the fresh air. We stopped by Ipoh for chicken rice before finally touch down at KL =)

Next stop is Pulau Perhentian!