Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip To Krabi, Thailand (Day 1)

After 5 months of semester study, finally it came to an end.

So to release all the tensions behind the books, me and my babe flew to Krabi, Thailand.
Krabi is located 178km across Phuket.

Our flight is at 1.15pm and as usual, we almost miss the luggage check-in time.
15 minutes before the departure gate opens, a group of girls dressed as flight attendant appeared with their colorful hair and shades.

Flight Attendants
When we step on the land of Thai, we were greeted by the resort's tour guide.
Coincidently, she was my cousin's tour guide when my cousin visited Krabi last time.

Without wasting any time, we checked in to our hotel, Krabi La Playa Resort.
The resort are located appx 5~10 minutes walk from Aonang beach.

The employers are friendly and the resort is pretty environmentally clean.
The deluxe room are more spacious than the one I saw in the website.

Deluxe Room
It comes with almost everything that we need. Including liquors!

2 water; 3 liquors
The tour guide offered us a ride to the Aonang small town which includes Starbucks, McDs, Haagen-Dazs and Swensens.

Thai's McDonalds

Our lunch was beef noodle. The actual stall that we intend to go was closed so we went to the next door.
Only one word can describe the noodle, Tasty!

Beef Noodle

The stall
During our walk after the lunch, we found 2 cute rabbits wandering around outside of its cage.

Tourists that wished to visit Krabi must get the local mobile number. It only costs 50 baht and also get a 
top-up 50 baht value. Easy to activate and the call rate is cheap too!

Thai simcard pack
Be sure to try the local pancake which is also Roti Canai in Malaysia term. Have loads of flavors to choose from but Chocolate w/ banana is the best for me.

Chocolate banana pancake
In the Krabi Town, there's this night market held every Friday to Sunday. It's a "Must Go" place.

Heard of Gold/Silver man; but this canvas man?

Shirt printing



Ice-cream on a stick

Quill Eggs
Transportation wise, there's no problem taking their buses or taxi which they also called Tuk-Tuk.

Bus - 50 baht for day and 60 baht for night from Krabi Town-Aonang and vice-versa. Each trip takes appx 30 minutes
Tuk-Tuk - 20 baht but only around Aonang

Bus rate
More to come in Day 2 =)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Three Legged Stand

Last week, postmen dropped this in front of my house.

It was heavy and long. Hehe