Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zoom Zoom!

6.5 years ago, I got my first car, Perodua Kelisa 1.0

It was fun driving it because of the small size and fast acceleration. However, the car is getting older year by year and the need of long distance travel is killing me.

With the increasingly number of accidents everyday, the lack of safety features in Kelisa is starting to give the cold chill. Especially whenever a big transportation passed by.

I did had a dilemma what car to choose.
Between Volkswagen Polo, Honda City and Proton Inspira at first.

Dad wasn't convinced enough on Volkswagen as their parts are expensive and after warranty maintenance will cost a bomb. 

As for Honda, I was more interested in Civic but the price exceed the budget hence the choice is City. The car was slightly under powered when I test drove it and the seat doesn't makes me feel like home. Plus the audio player does not have numbering. How can I pay so much and get no numbering player!

Inspira? Needless for me to say more about it. The word "Proton" says it all.

In the end, I gotten Mazda 3 1.6 Sedan instead. 
It has 5 years warranty + 5 years free maintenance *excluding brake pads, battery*
How cool is that when I just walk in and walk out without any payment :)

Zoom Zoom
After few weeks running this Zoom Zoom, here's my opinions on the car:

Exterior - Looks "ganas" at the front and big at the rear. Trunk was spacious to fit a lot of things though I'm yet to utilize it.

Performance - Slightly slower due to its 1.6 engine stored in a C Segment car chassis and part of it is 4 speed. However, once you reach 80-90km/h, you will feel the power is there. The suspension make the car do cornering easily but I can still feel the stiffness at the rear.

Features - 1.6 does not comes with full features such as auto-rain sensor, more information in MID or cruise control. The addition of reverse camera, multi-touch display, statistics calculation add some value onto the car.

Price - Couldn't complain much since I bought a C Segment car for less than 100k along with the promotion. Still how I wish that I could get the 2.0 version.