Monday, March 10, 2014

Brooks Half Marathon 2014

09/03/2014 marks my first Half Marathon after 2 years I started running.

This was also my most excruciating event; period. 
At the start of the run, I started slow at 9:05/km pace to preserve my energy for the hilly route. 

It was pretty straight forward route for the first half of the route but my stomach muscle cramped as usual in the first few KM. However, it does not stop me from continue and I picked up my pace to 8:30/km till 10th KM.

That's where the hilly route start and how I got my calves muscle cramped along with my knee pain.
At first, I thought the knee pain has been fully healed but I guess I'm wrong on this. 
As I proceed further, the calves doesn't do any good on my timing thus causes me to walk for the rest of the route.

The walking made me to be with the last pack of the runners.
When I reached the finishing line, my final timing is 3:32 hours and this is the time that I will beat in my next HM which is in PBIM 2014.

Me and my running partner, Andy. Without him, I could never finish the run.

The finishing medal for Brooks HM

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