Monday, February 24, 2014

Mid Valley City Charity Run 2014 (MVCCR2014)

Mid Valley City Charity Run or MVCCR is a charity run organized by Mid Valley and The Gardens to raise fund for St. John Ambulance.

As I mentioned before, my knee was stressed too much on previous event so I take this easy as my recovery run. Hey, it's a non-competitive run :)

As the race started, I kept my pace at a constant timing of 7:30/km and as soon as the road ahead getting lesser and lesser runners, I picked up my pace to 7:00/km. The knee was starting to feel very tight during the uphill and I started to worry that the injured is not fully recovered.

As I reaches the finishing point, my final timing is 30:15 minutes for 4.3km run with a pace of 6:55/km. Hopefully that I can maintain this timing in the next event which is my virgin Half Marathon.

MVCCR medal

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